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Hi sweetie! My name is Paris. I am a Las Vegas escort. I try my absolute best to be your best choice for an escort. It means a lot to me when guys choose me to have fun in Las Vegas with. I make the most of it, believe me. Wait until you see all the stuff I can do for you to make you happy. We can go out on the town and enjoy all the greatest Las Vegas hotspots. Then we can create our own hotspot in the privacy of your room. How would you like to be alone with me? Call me tonight and we can spend as much time alone together as you want. After spending time with me, Las Vegas will never be the same. You won’t be able to walk down the streets of Vegas without thinking of me. I will do so many things for you that will stick in your mind forever. What types of unforgettable things are we going to get into tonight?

Before you make a decision, I’ll tell you about myself. I’ll start with my background. I have been an exotic dancer ever since I was of age. I used to think that stripping at Spearmint-Rhino was the best job in Las Vegas. I could dance and perform. I was admired by men and I got to dance to some of my favorite music. It wasn’t until I discovered the escort profession that I found there was something far better than stripping. Being a Las Vegas escort has all the advantages of being a stripper and more. I still get attention from interesting men. I still get to dance the night away. The difference is that I get to have more time to concentrate on your pleasure. Our lap dances don’t have to stop with one song. I get to stay on top of you until I am completely finished pleasing you. Then I can move on to a whole night of pleasure. I can’t think of anything more fun.

What kinds of things are we going to come up with to have fun? I can’t say exactly what we will do because every escort date is different. No two guys are the same and neither are the things that give them pleasure. I am prepared to give you pleasure in every way. It doesn’t matter what your idea of pleasure is. The pleasure I give you is exclusive to you. I pay attention to what turns you on. Once I find out, prepare yourself. You are sure to experience pleasures beyond your most erotic fantasies. I’m not like some Las Vegas escorts. I don’t get one thing that works and stick to it. I try multiple things on every Las Vegas escort date. I am usually spot-on when it comes to finding my talents that you like the most. You may not even have to tell me what turns you on. I can tell within five minutes of talking to you what turns you on.

We have all night to figure out what turns you on. We can start out by doing anything you want in Las Vegas. If you have an agenda, let me know so I can dress appropriately. If you’re not that familiar with Las Vegas, you are really in for a treat. I know just about everything to do in Las Vegas. We can dance the night away at clubs like Haze or Tryst. We can have drinks at Ghostbar or the Double-Down Salloon. We can see any of the many shows that are scattered throughout Las Vegas on any given night. I give you all the choices you need. All you have to do is tell me what type of music you like. Tell me what type of atmosphere or price range you want. I will take you to all the most relevant places. I have a vast knowledge of the Las Vegas nightlife. The only thing I know better than the streets of Las Vegas is how to satisfy you.

Now we get to the most fun part of the night. I finally get you all to myself. In your room and away from prying eyes is the best place in Las Vegas. All of my amazing Las Vegas escort talents will be at your disposal. I don’t need to tell you that I give a killer lap dance. I can give you an erotic massage and make your forget about all your troubles. I can even invite another beautiful escort to your room. We can give you a lesbian show that will absolutely blow you away. You can also choose to watch me do a little toy play. When I use toys on myself right in front of you, there is nothing hotter. I can even provide pleasure for you and your partner. I specialize in being with couples and helping to reignite their passion. These are just a few of the things I can do in your room. Which of my Las Vegas escort skills will you choose?

Have you heard enough to assure you that I am the only Las Vegas escort for you? When you think of pleasure, you will think of the name Fern. You have not experienced true fun and bliss in Las Vegas until you spend your trip with me. I do all that I can to give you a full and enjoyable experience with a hot girl. Hot girls tend to be high maintenance. They think, because they are hot, they don’t have to try. I don’t subscribe to that belief. You deserve for a gorgeous Las Vegas escort to put you at the center of her attention. Let someone put your needs first for once. All you have to do is pick up the phone. Let’s talk about the type of night you had in mind. We can schedule a time when I can show up at your hotel room. I can’t wait to be with you in Las Vegas tonight. I am your best choice for your Las Vegas escort needs. I want to show you why, but you have to call me at 702-939-5643.

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