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My Bag Of Tricks

Black lingerie with pink lacy bows. You can see it, peeking out from underneath my leopard print mini dress. You want to see a little more, but you’re feeling a little coy. As the night goes on I lose my shoulder strap and you can see the lace more clearly. You love a good shoulder and this pink looks great on my peachy skin. You just want to reach out and give it a nice hard stroke I cross my legs and you can see my black panties hiding underneath. IT’s getting hard to pay attention, you just want to take a peak so badly!

Well when I’m your Las Vegas escort you can look as much as you would like. I’ll even do you a favor and take it all off for you. That’s right. I’ll strip out of this sweet little mini and give you a gander at my bag of tricks hiding underneath. And I’m about to be your favorite blonde haired escorts in Las Vegas girl that you’ve ever met.

I’m not some kind of half-ass date. I’m going to treat you like a prince and give you everything you want. If you’re feeling shy I’ll work you into it. That’s what a good Las Vegas escort does, right? We make sure our guys are taken care of. And when you work with me I’ll make sure you are the happiest clam at the bake. Hands down.

Escorts in Las Vegas can be really intimidating. If this is your first time, I highly suggest using me. I mean, I suggest using me either way, but when you’re a newbie you need a special touch, and I’ve got all kinds of special touches for you baby. Give me a call and I’ll make you feel at home in no time.